At Castouress Castle

Residents and Guests

Her Grace the Duchess of Buckland (Hermione)
David Chatroy, Marquess of Petterby (Petie-Boy)
Lady Caroline Chatroy (Caro)
Sebastian Saint-Clair, Viscount Foxbridge (Foxy)
Sir Alec Ware, KBE
Lady Ware (Margaret)
Mr. Albert Pargeter (Bertie)
Hon. Mrs. Albert Pargeter (Julia)
Mr. Joseph Bradley
Mrs. Joseph Bradley (Laura)
Mr. Claude Chatroy
Miss Gertrude FitzHenry

Rev. Woodward, the Chaplain
Mrs. Martin, the Governess

Servants (mentioned)
Underdown, the Butler
Plender, the Duchess's Maid
Doyle, Lord Petterby's Valet
Partridge, Lady Caroline's Maid
Pond, Lord Foxbridge's Valet
Sir Alec's Valet
Lady Ware's Maid
Maynard, Mr. Pargeter's Valet
Hibbert, Mrs. Pargeter's Maid
Lucius, the Duchess's Page
Benjamin, the Boot Boy

At Foxbridge Castle 
Sebastian Saint-Clair, Viscount Foxbridge (Foxy) heir to 10th Earl of Vere
Lady Emily Saint-Clair (Aunt Em) daughter of 9th Earl of Vere
Miss Jane Ingleby (Nanny)
[Rt. Hon. Albert Saint-Clair, 10th Earl of Vere (Pater)]

Guests (in precedence):
Mst. Hon. James Ponsonby, 4th Marquess of Faringdon (Jingo)
Mst. Hon. Dorothea Ponsonby, Marchioness of Faringdon (Dotty)
Lord Arthur Longueville (Silenus) second son of 14th Duke of Gelford
Lady Caroline Chatroy (Caro) daughter of 12th Duke of Buckland
Lady Beatrice Todmore (Lady Bea) daughter of 3rd Earl of Oglesby, wife of Sir Alan Todmore, KB
The Honourable Frederick Vavasor (Bunny) heir to 6th Baron Reedham
Sir Oliver Paget, 15th Baronet Paget of Holmesham (Twister)
Eleanor, Lady Heard (the Lady MP) widow of Sir Roger Heard, KBE
Colonel Anthony Gascoyne, CBE (Tony)
Mr. Claude Chatroy  eldest son of Lord John Chatroy, himself third son of 11th Duke of Buckland
Miss Violet Brazington daughter of Sir Marcus Brazington, KC, KBE.

Castle Servants (indent indicates recent additions)
Coldicott, the Butler
Mrs. Coldicott, the Housekeeper
Mrs. Stinchcombe, the Cook
Minchin, Lady Emily's Maid
    Pond, Lord Foxbridge's Valet
[Mustoe, Lord Vere's Valet]
Mary, a Parlourmaid
    Jane, a Parlourmaid
    Thomas, a Footman
    George, a Footman
    Henry, a Footman
    William, a Footman
Polly, a Housemaid
    Peggy, a Housemaid
    Jenny, a Housemaid
    Annie, a Housemaid
Maggie, a Kitchen Maid
    Ellie, a Kitchen Maid
Ida, a Stillroom Maid
    Maddie, a Scullery Maid
    Peter, a Scullion
David, a Knife Boy
    Jemmy, a Boot Boy

Visiting Servants
Massingale, Lord Faringdon's Valet
Wickson, Lady Faringdon's Maid
Smith, Lord Arthur's Valet
Partridge, Lady Caroline's Maid
Lady Beatrice's Maid
Lady Heard's Maid
Mr. Vavasor's Valet
Col. Gascoyne's Batman

Outdoor Servants
Old Grimmett, Coachman/Chauffeur
Young Grimmett, Stablemaster
Hare, Senior Groom
    Alfie Grimmett, Junior Groom
Hayward, Head Gardener
Puffett, an Undergardener
    Millen, an Undergardener
Piggott, Gamekeeper
Talbot, Kennelmaster
    Hudder, an Assistant Gamekeeper
    Bingle, an Assistant Gamekeeper
Old Hayward, Gatekeeper

At Bourneham Hall & Leechester

Professor (Lord) John Chatroy, M. Litt., third son of the 11th Duke of Buckland; Fellow of Christ Church College and professor of English Literature at Cambridge University
Chichi (Donna Cecilia di Mestigliano or Lady John) Chatroy, daughter of the Conte di Mestigliano
Claude Chatroy, their eldest son
Paul Chatroy, their middle son
Antony (Tony) Chatroy, their youngest son

Sebastian Saint-Clair, Viscount Foxbridge, heir to 10th Earl of Vere
Lady Caroline Chatroy, eldest daughter of the 12th Duke of Buckland

Colonel Edward Grantley, JP
Mrs. Grantley (Doris)
Reverend Cecil Harding, Bishop of Barchester
The Honourable Mrs. Harding (Sarah)
Reverend Boyle, Vicar of St. Luke's
Mrs. Boyle, the vicar's wife
Mr. Frohock, the postmaster
Mr. Pye, a retired financier
Mrs. Logan, a housewife
Miss Meeks, the schoolmistress
Mr. Bill Frohock, the verger, and the postmaster's younger brother
Mrs. Flora Frohock, their widowed mother
PC Quicke, her grand-nephew
PC Pauley

Mr. Tiganescu, Ringmaster and Proprietor, Tiganescu Family Acrobats
Milos Pesha, a trapeze artist

At Verevale Court


Lord Levondale (Felix Lionel, 3rd Baron): sixtyish, stoutish, baldish, good-natured but with a bit of a temper; divides interests between City and hunting. Timothy West type.

Lady Levondale (Cynthia): a comfortable, cheerful woman of about fifty, pert-faced and ample-bosomed, expensively but sloppily dressed ("the White Queen dressed by Worth"), fond of card games and gossip; Pauline Collins type.

Hon. Lavinia Levondale: spinsterish 28-year-old, "painfully plain and agonizingly earnest," devoted to charity and animals--but burning with a secret passion? Sarah Crowden type.

Hon. Michael Levondale: the young heir, 19, in second year at Cambridge, stunningly good-looking, athletic, mischievous and a little manipulative, sexually adventurous; Christian Coulson type.


Jingo - James Ponsonby, 4th Marquess of Faringdon, Earl of Jarrow, 5th Baronet Ponsonby of Winterborne: (introduced in "The Foxbridge Footman") a charming and glamorous cad, 27 years old, terrifically handsome, Matthew Goode playing George Sanders.

Dotty - Dorothea Ponsonby, Marchioness of Faringdon: (introduced in "The Foxbridge Footman") a seductive child-woman, willowy and voluptuous at 25, a brilliant and manipulative mind masked in the giddy frivolity of a Bright Young Thing… a cross between Zoe Tapper and Kelly Reilly.

Foxy - Sebastian Saint-Clair, Viscount Foxbridge: qv

Bertie Pargeter: (introduced in "The Tears of Amphitrite") a cheerful idiot, chubby and well-dressed, good-natured and fully aware of his own shortcomings, socially clumsy but good at sport; Jeremy Sinden as Boy Mulcaster.

Julia Pargeter: (introduced in "The Tears of Amphitrite") plain but witty and very clever, hard-headed business-woman disguised as self-effacing young matron; thirtyish Harriet Walter.

Constance, Dowager Duchess of Tyne: Impoverished grande dame, airy-fairy demeanor with grasping habits; see Joan Hickson in Why Didn't They Ask Evans?

Lord Rupert Gosforth: the Duchess’s sweet but lazy second son, good-looking but weak in chin and character; Laurence Fox type.

Sir Peregrine Pendersleigh, Bart.: elderly Egyptologist, muddle-headed but good-humoured, gently lecherous; John Gielgud type.

Sir Wilfrid Beckett Haven KBE: Conservative MP & Cabinet Minister, widower late-fifties, stiff and gruff ex-military, gentry married daughter of an earl; John Williams type.

Miss Muriel Beckett Haven: Unmarried daughter and hostess of above, thirty-ish, pretty but sour, socially gracious but fiercely snobbish, interested only in bloodlines and politics; Frances Barber type.

Chester Vandekamp: Middle-aged American business tycoon, burly and weathered but smooth-mannered; Liam Neeson type.

Mamie Vandekamp: Tycoon’s ex-chorus-girl second wife, voluptuous blonde just going to seed, crude but kind-hearted; Muzzy van Hossmere played by Renee Zellweger.

Miss Virginia Vandekamp: Tycoon’s daughter, early-mid-20s, adventurous flapper, boyishly attractive; Jodie Foster playing Louise Brooks.

Miss Abigail Marsh: Lucinda’s best friend since school days, frowsy but cheerful and chatty, fond of animals; Phoebe Nicholls type.



Winborn the Butler
Mrs. Fears the Houskeeper
Mrs. Ingersoll the Cook
Lord Levondale’s Valet
Jenner, Lady Levondale’s Maid
Miss Levondale’s Maid?
3 Footmen
4 Housemaids

Various Kitchen Staff
Daughtry the Stablemaster

Diverse Grooms & Gamekeepers

Massingale, Lord Faringdon’s Pretty Valet
Wickson, Lady Faringdon’s Gypsy Maid
Pim, Duchess of Tyne’s Elderly Maid
Pond, Lord Foxbridge’s Valet
Moustafa Sassi, Sir Peregrine’s Exotic African Manservant
Sir Wilfrid’s Valet
Miss Beckett Haven’s Maid
Maynard, Mr. Pargeter's Valet
Hibbert, Mrs. Pargeter's Maid
Celestine, Mrs Vandekamp’s Coquettish French Maid


Detective Chief Inspector Christopher Netleymedium-sized, middle-aged, rumpled clothes of good quality, soft-spoken with an educated accent; see Michael Kitchen in Foyle’s War.

Detective Sergeant Andrew Trulock- young, tall, good-looking, exceptionally neat; see Anthony Howell in Foyle’s War.

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